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Reading & Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Reading and Guidance Session

When you have an Intuitive Psychic reading and guidance session with Alex you will gain insight into your life right now and possible futures he will take you by the hand and guide you through lifes difficulties with and open empathetic heart and assistance from Angelic, Reiki the world of crystals. You will be open to say what you want let go of what needs to go in a free open environment clearing emotional and mental debris and cut necessary cords.

At the same time Alex will use the Archangels, Reiki and Christ energies to heal you and clearing away surfacing issues and negative energies . Any attachments or other peoples fear based energy will be cleared and released with love.‚Äč

You will also gain access to info about your lifes purpose and whether you are on the correct path and guidance for new job possibilities, new hobbies and courses you might undertake for your own development.

Become closer to you own intuitive and spirtual self.

Alex will provide you with a programmed and attune crystal for you to carry with you at all times to help you to develop and let go of problems.

Please contact Alex for more information and visit the main services page for more healing options.