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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is a very relaxing treatment using holistic and energetic principles to release stress and rebalance your bodies energy and remove physical blocks causing stiffness and tightness in your head, face, neck and shoulders.

What is it?

This massage has been practiced for many thousands of years in india and has many health benfits, it focusses on the areas of the head, neck and shoulders which used certain pressure points though deep tissue massage, stroking and circling the areas that need attention. These pressure points tap into the chakras and help restore balance to the overall body.

Indian head massage can be combined with other forms of healing like reiki, auric massage and intuitive massage.

What is it good for:

Indian head massage can benefit you in all areas of the body by releasing aches and pains, emotional blocks like fears and repressed anger. It can relax you greatly and make you feel happy and joyful. It can also benefit you spiritually by cleaning out the top 3 chakras and help open them. This massage helps stimulate the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in the top part of your body which will clear your sinuses, relieve stress and help you sleep deeper.

And because it can help cure headaches and migraines, eye strain and anxiety, it can even help you to concentrate better at work.

If you like the idea of this treatment please give alex a call or email him from his contact page.