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Chakra balancing

Chakra Cleaning/Balancing

As we move through our daily life, our life force energy moves along through life with us. These energy forces or movements are expressed in different energy areas of the body called chakras. Chakras can spin too much, normally, or not enough at all. Each of these chakra elements is equivalent to a set of characteristics expressed in your body.

Chakra balancing can help re-balance your life.

chakra balancing

Chakra Healing

These Chakra energy points within the soul of our body, called Kundalini move with us, and from time to time can get out of whack with each other or on their own. The passage of the chakras can become blocked with physical or emotional debris, and we need to focus on clearing or burning away these blockages that lead to unbalancing.

Can you relate to any of these people's unbalanced outlook on life?

Here is just a few example of individuals who's chakra is out of alignment and may need to consider chakra balancing:

  • Susan is always three steps ahead and prepared for anything. In case there is a major storm. She has an underground bunker full of water, food and a generator just in case. When she cannot control her emotions, she eats.
  • People describe Roxanne as someone who can be cold and frigid at work. Roxanne tends to shy away from emotional endeavors that might challenge her emotional intelligence.
  • William is a C-level executive who lives to work, to be in control, to lobby for his way of doing things. He's very successful in work, but on the edge of burning out.
  • Carolyn loves her children. So much so that the children are suffocating under her over caring nature to the determent of their creativity and ability to socialize with other kids. She always worries about her kid's safety, even to the point of not caring for herself.
  • Lance is shy and introverted. He rarely speaks in public. Unless Lance is comfortable in his surroundings. He feels a block in his throat any time he wants to make a point or speak from the heart.
  • Beatrice is what people call a "daydreamer" she has a rich and imaginary life within. She can find it hard to focus and can be very sensitive at times.
  • Christopher is unmotivated. Pessimistic. He sees life through a very narrow viewpoint. He feels that many things are just pointless and why should he bother with it.

What Chakra balancing means and how it can help you?

Chakra balancing helps you bring specific themes in your life back into a functional state of balance. More often than not, we find ourselves with unbalanced chakras. Have you ever had a situation whereby you harbored resentment towards someone, and you held that in for an extended period and it consumed a lot of your thoughts and emotions? This usually is a case of a blocked chakra or an overused chakra.

Chakra balancing can be applied through energy medicine. The chakras run from the top of your head to the base of your spine. When a practitioner starts his work with you, He starts from the bottom of the spin upwards. The energy runs up through each of the seven chakras along the spine. There is an additional 21 minor chakras that we can tap into.

Think of your chakras as a 7 piston engine. When the engine is finely tuned it purrs. When one of these pistons starts to misfire or run irregularly or stops firing all together​ it can affect how the engine runs all over and in some extreme cases can lead to failure. When your chakras are aligned they spin with little friction required which leads to a balanced engine that purrs along effortlessly.

During your session, the practitioner assesses the flow of energy and removes any blockages that prevent the flow between each chakra in our body. Chakras give of a certain vibration or color that a trained practitioner uses to balance your chakras.

What would life be like for you if all of your chakras were in the balance?

As you saw earlier, if chakras are out of sync it can have adverse effects on our state of mind and well-being. Susan felt security through eating food, Roxanne had trouble controlling her emotions, Lance could not express himself, and Christopher did not have faith in life.

There seven core themes that we all have relationships with:

  • Security
  • Emotion
  • Power
  • Love
  • Expression
  • Knowing
  • Faith

These relationships live in our chakras. They occupy different areas of our body. Let's consider each chakra as a spinning vortex of energy. Each of these energies connects with the seven themes above. This information that flows in each vortex of our chakras can get blocked or stuck for periods of time. Chakra balancing taps into these vortexes of energy to balance the speed of each and make sure that the right amount of information is getting released. So, when you walk away from a chakra healing session, you feel lighter and happier.

What is causing all of this information overload?

In life, we pick up information from digital sources, advertising and all sorts of visual communications. Whether we know it or not, our bodies absorb this information into each chakra at different levels. When problems are evolving they can be held in this energy field if it goes unresolved, it can move into our bodies and cause physical disease. When we apply chakra balancing, we can heal these negative energies and expel them to avoid physical illness or diseases.

Just bare in mind most of us are a little unbalanced. That's fine. It's what makes us all unique to a certain extent. Don't over think this. If you relate to one of these people above you are not alone and your not a bad guy.

Waking up the energy within yourself through chakra balancing session, which usually takes an hour can bring back a feeling of balance in your life you may not have experienced before.

Here are some of the areas that chakra balancing can make a real difference in your life:

Root Chakra:
Money issues, too much clutter in your life, issues around food.

Sacral Chakra:
Sexual problems, emotional blockages, the need for having others in our lives.

Solar Plexus Chakra:
Inability to stand up for yourself, being bullied, lack of ability to make informed decisions.

Heart Chakra:
Overly judgemental of others, Forgetting to take care of ourselves, bitterness, resentment.

Throat Chakra:
Troubles with expressing yourself, creativity, not being connected to what we feel.

Brow Chakra:
Too much worrying, being in our head too much, or the opposite no ideas, no dreams, deadened eyes.

Crown Chakra: Strong pessimism, cynicism, inability to connect to the meaning or make sense of our lives or on the contrary not able to log into the common aspects of life.

What is involved in your Chakra balancing session

​An Energy healer will have a brief interview with you to diagnose your current state. You will lie down on a message table and the energy healer will run their hands a few inches above your hip area and move upwards towards your the top of your head. The energy healer will tap into the energy field that your body naturally emits or the aura. As the energy healer moves up your spinal area they will be detecting the warm and cold moving energy that can be either spinning to quickly or rotating to slowly. The energy healer will realign the normal spinning rate required for each Chakra zone.

The first session is 30-60 minutes and covers reviewing your health history, goal setting, mindset towards chakra healing methods and answer any questions you may have before the chakra healing session gets started.

Your Next Steps

Take action and measure how committed you are to finding balance in your life and your Chakras.

Determine if you are ready to create more balance in your chakras

Decide if you need help with chakra balancing

If you do need help:

If you feel you are already committed to moving forward with Chakra balancing, set up your chakra balancing appointment today!

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