What is Intuitive Life Coaching?

The new age of life coaching has come upon us with more intuitive people channeling their higher selves or true selves they start to use this higher intelligence to help people with their past, current and future situations.

Original life coaching was all about planning the future and setting the goals that both you and the coach agree on. With a highly intuitive coach those goals will become a lot more realistic as we can use the energy you provide to allow us to give you an idea whether your goals or future planning is the correct choice to take. We can intuitively guide you through by channeling or through the use of oracle or tarot cards to help you see the true picture.

You will be able to make the correct choices and once those choices have been made you subconsciously program them in so you become highly motivated to achieving them, and blocks mainly in the form of fears will be automatically be removed through the use of understanding your true path. Fears are mere blocks that protect you until you know the true understanding of a situation. If you are scared of the future knowing whether or not it is a good choice will unlock and remove the fears and will motivated you to achieving what you truly desire.

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