Zap your intolerances, allergies and habits part 2

It’s been a long time sinse I wrote my last post and I can finally reveal how to do this.

Now, all you need to be able to do it visualize yourself experiencing the problem, pain or experience that involves your allergy, intolerance or habit. Now once you have it in your minds eye I want you to notice a feeling somewhere in the body.

This feeling is the solution. When we are nervous we usually feel it in our stomach, same with fears. All I want you to do is imagine a colour associated with the feeling. Now pretend to reach in a pull out that colour and hold it in your hands.

You may notice it has changed colour or shape. It will be spinning a certain direction. I want you to physically turn it the other way and rotate it as fast as you can. When you believe its ready put it back into the body and allow the problem to release.

We call this technique neuro-somatic patterning.


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