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Alex offers two different types of hypnosis one based around performance and one based around change work in a person's life. All sessions are £40 an hour and the first session can be at least 2 hours.

Hypnosis is a state in which you become highly focused and sugestable. It allows you to make deep level changes quickly and effectively and permanently. The difference between NLP and hypnosis is the ability to remove and release everything compared with lets say 1 fear or phobia. I believe hypnosis should be done first the clear the way for positive states that can be controlled with NLP techniques.

Hypnosis can help:

Clear traumas

Release all anger, regret, guilt and much more

Reverses fears and phobias

Ease physical pain that is caused by emotional blocks

Automated states for sports performance

Change beliefs rapidly.

Create powerful positive goals

Create triggers that create different states

Set up powerful anchors for Certainty, victory, playfulness and relentlessness

Release stress strain and tension

Organise thoughts and experainces

And much much more…

Speak to Alex on the phone for more information … 07917204512 ...