Spiritual Development Coaching

Spiritual Development Coaching

Through childhood Alex has many encounters with spirit and has decided over the years to put together all his knowledge into an easy step by step approach, and be able to teach and coach people who are going through a spiritual awakening or enlightenment, or even want to improve the skills and enhance the gifts they already have.

When working with Alex you will receive information that comes directly from spirit, his intuition and his knowledge built up over the years all combined into a system that is easy for the client to understand.

Alex will take a look at your life and build a big picture. We will take a look at what happened in past lives and make sure all is integrated and healed. Will break down the areas in your life that need healing and boost their vibration as certain blocks can hold you back from expanding your spiritual gifts.

We will create a plan, set goals and work together on how you can help influence the world with your gifts.

There is a lot more information we can discuss on this subject please ring Alex anytime on 07917204512 or send him an email on the contact page.