7 Reasons why Reiki is a powerful complementary therapy?

Reiki is a name given to a universal life force that everyone can use. Reiki works on different levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This energy is:

  1. Powerful in stress reduction which in turn triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.
  2. Brings a sense of well-being over your entire body perfect for spiritual growth.
  3. Balances emotions which can lead to the physical body being able to repair itself without blockages.
  4. Reiki can target physical pain and raise the vibration of that area promoting it to heal quickly.
  5. Reiki can speed up recovering from major illness or surgery, helps lower side effects.
  6. Can help relax neck, back and leg pain and sometimes relive it completely.
  7. Can unblock chakras and relive health and emotional issues held in these spinning disks of energy.

As you can see there are a lot of health benefits to receiving Reiki. Remember there are many different form of Reiki now some are even more potent that the original and can target deeper areas of the body e.g. angelic Reiki.

Alex works in Watford and Waltham Abbey and does Reiki treatments for children and adults. If your interested visit the reiki page on his website here: http://alexmaggswellings.me/healing/reiki-herts-london/

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