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How can an intuitive help ones journey…

Sometimes we get stuck in life’s stresses and can’t find a way out. We need external guidance to help push oneself down the right road. Intuitive’s or psychics collect information energetically about the persons past, present and future and can create a story that will upon the gate to their true path.

It is important to understand that a reading is like a counselling session where the intuitive will read cards or without cards and help create an understanding about the situations that block them, maybe it was a past event maybe even a past life we can determine what it is and release it.

Most intuitive life coaches will use Reiki or other forms of healing to remove blocks remotely as the reading occurs and you may find yourself releasing all that is needed when you leave a session. Certain block that take slightly longer to deal with can be done another time using hypnotherapy or energy healing methods.

Alex uses bother counselling and life coaching with the aid of cards and energy heal to unblock a person’s path. This can be in sports, business and general life and can be done with adult or children.

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7 Reasons why Reiki is a powerful complementary therapy?

Reiki is a name given to a universal life force that everyone can use. Reiki works on different levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

This energy is:

  1. Powerful in stress reduction which in turn triggers the body’s natural healing abilities.
  2. Brings a sense of well-being over your entire body perfect for spiritual growth.
  3. Balances emotions which can lead to the physical body being able to repair itself without blockages.
  4. Reiki can target physical pain and raise the vibration of that area promoting it to heal quickly.
  5. Reiki can speed up recovering from major illness or surgery, helps lower side effects.
  6. Can help relax neck, back and leg pain and sometimes relive it completely.
  7. Can unblock chakras and relive health and emotional issues held in these spinning disks of energy.

As you can see there are a lot of health benefits to receiving Reiki. Remember there are many different form of Reiki now some are even more potent that the original and can target deeper areas of the body e.g. angelic Reiki.

Alex works in Watford and Waltham Abbey and does Reiki treatments for children and adults. If your interested visit the reiki page on his website here:

Why Balance Your Chakras?

Picture of your Chakras in balanceChakras are spinning wheels of energy that all have a certain colour. Where certain emotions, feelings or sensations block these chakras we tend to feel drained, heavy and lethargic. Once you have aligned and balanced your chakras properly by a professional energy healer you will become lighter and feel a lot more energetic. The other reason we want our chakras balanced is to help support an equal amounts chi flow that will keep our levels of energy up. Our lives are busy and we subject to many outside influences like stress which cause fluctuations in our energy flow.

When are energy chakras are balanced we have a harmonious flow of chi(prana) that easily flows through our bodies. This has the effect of the feeling of well-being, relaxation, centeredness and increased vitality and embodiment.

Past events, experience’s and even past lives and further influence how we feel, and the energy flow through our bodies.

The many stressors placed on us by the strains of life may create disruptions and instabilities in our energy flow and chakra imbalances. A chakra imbalance can affect:

  • How much chi flows through a chakra or chakra system
  • A chakra is deficient when the energy is “blocked” or it is “closed up”
  • A chakra becomes overactive when the chi flow is consistently increased and not regulated
  • The position of the auric field associated with one or several chakras is displaced

Balancing consists in establishing sufficient and consistent flow where there is not enough, regulating energy where there’s too much, and aligning where there’s distortion or displacement.

You can book a balancing session with Alex or find out more at our chakra balancing page.