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Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Healings

Meet Alex a Reiki energy Healer, Psychic inutitive and Coach from Hertfordshire

Alex is a  reiki master, hypnotherapist, intutive psychic and coach, I provide my clients with the best support they could possibly have whether it be a  minor or major problem. I work with children and adults in all walks of life and base myself in Watford and Hertford.


Intuitive Healing

Spiritual and emotional support for everyone.
If you are in spiritual pain we invite you to connect with a spiritual healer who will listen and offer comfort and support.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki works with the vital force (universal life energy) much like acupuncture, tai chi, but is channeled through the hands of the practitioner.

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Intuitive Readings

​Receive a soulful & loving intuitive reading to help you remove certain blocks and receive all the clarity and confidence you need to live a life you love.

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Don't take my word for it, hear what our happy
clients have to say

Brian Mcfarlane Montreal, Canada

I was going through a very rough patch in my life, I separated from my wife, lost my job and was full of emotional baggage that was preventing me from moving forward. Alex worked with me through Hypnotherapy and NLP to keep me focused and staying positive. Thank you Alex. I have a renewed optimism for life and success now because of Alex.

Yousef M. HosseiniHolland

I have experienced the work of Alex. Alex is a dedicated hypnotist which uses the latest techniques and methods to transform people to get the change they want. I highly recommend Alex as a great hypnotist.

Emma BerkowitzSussex

My 13 year old son is on the outside a bright happy lad, like many he had some sad or difficult times, but over last few years he has started saying "why does this always happen to me" or "I am so unlucky" he seemed quite negative about unwanted situations. He plays a lot of tennis and that negativity was affecting his game and he was getting quite low about it.

We contacted Alex to see if he could help. On his first appointment he instantly had him at ease and chatting in general, he picked up on the fact that he was biting his nails nervously and Alex suggested he could make him stop, which he was excited about as he often had sore infected nails. Alex completed three sessions with my son, by the end of the first he had stopped biting his nails, he had also had sore neck which clicked, this was much better after the first session and by the morning after had stopped completely.

By the end of third session my son described himself  as feeling 'lighter' he said he felt that all the bad things were still there but didn't matter. We are going to continue with Alex and work more specifically on his tennis, with the view of helping him push aside any negativity when he plays.

Alex maggs wellings

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